Saturday, July 10, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

Even if it's just for a little while, being at home is the best thing in the world after a long trip. As it just so happens, I'm leaving again tomorrow morning for a rafting trip on the American River with my dad who used to be a river guide. So I'll be there until the Fourteenth which is the day we get home, and then I'll have a day here and then my mom and I leave again on the sixteenth for music camp. I know. I really never stop. And after camp, I have Irish Dance camp for 5 days! Oh, and on top of all that, two of my teachers from my school next year have sent out summer assignments. Yay my favorite. -she says with a disgusted and sarcastic tone- I have to memorise (and understand) two of Shakespeare's sonnets and prepare a song for musical theatre and for honors English, I have to read and annotate 2 books AND read the first nine chapters of yet another book. -sigh- Being smart is NOT all it's cut out to be that's for damn sure!

Wow, reading through this, I just realized how much I complain! I mean here I am, going to this amazing high school and having the time of my life this summer and all I can do is complain about it? Jeez! There must be something seriously wrong with me! Well anyway, on to more important things. I really enjoyed my time in Europe and I just CAN'T wait to go back someday. Speaking of which, I had this thought in the airport in Boston. Basically, when I'm about 19 or maybe 20, I want to travel around the world, visiting the most important and well-known cities, starting and ending with the one nearest to where I live. Now, this is where you come in. I need help making a list of these places that I should go and the number of days in which I'm to see them. Any suggestions? I realize of course that this will not be for another five or six years but hey! Planning a trip takes time and believe me, it's no picnic! I'd LOVE to hear your ideas, so please comment!

Now, back to returning from my trip. I've been getting pretty tired at around 5:00 p.m but trying to stay awake until at least 9:00 so that I'll sleep in in the morning. The time difference has definitely been the one thing that's just totally thrown me off. Don't get me wrong though, I find the whole thing really interesting but it's kinda tripping me out. But oh well it's all part of the fun I suppose. Well, like I said, I'm pretty exhausted so I'm going to say so long and farewell to everyone out there in cyber land!

More soon!
Until next time then

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