Friday, July 30, 2010

Continued musings

Although we are home from Europe, life continues. We just returned from music camp, where we go each year in the Sierras. I will post some pictures. But now I am truly home for the summer and ready to settle in again, get back to my real life, and reflect on how the past two months have changed me.

I have made some amazing friends from all over the world, and thanks to Facebook I can keep in touch with them, even in French with one!

I may have already said this in previous posts, but I am immensely proud of Cierra for her fortitude and general good attitude in all situations. I am so lucky to have her as a daughter!! When she was thirteen and had her bat mitzvah, I expressed my awe of her strength, self-esteem, and positive outlook on the world. I also mentioned how it is very hard to be depressed when in her presence. She is so ready to laugh, to connect, to see what is good in any situation. And this made her a wonderful travel partner. She really is a trooper and truly a bright light in my life!

When we got back from camp we decided we wanted some new pictures on the walls. I realized that most of the posters and pictures on my walls are either of mothers and children, or of friends and women alone. And this is really the picture of my life and who I am surrounded by. Cierra was so enthusiastic to help make changes in the "feng shui" in our apartment. So we looked for some prints online that show romantic/love images, and then went to BB&B to get some frames. So we shall see what manifests from this! We are strong believers in Law of Attraction :-)

This week Cierra has an intensive five days of Irish Dance Camp. We are in Dublin, (CA) for 5 hours a day. She's gonna be in great shape! I am sitting in a Starbucks typing away, enjoying some self-reflection.

We hope to continue this blog, not just for travel times but mother-daughter stuff in general. Thank you for reading and commenting!


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  1. I love you and I love your blog. Thanks for continuing to share! :)